"Objection" - TV Sitcom, 2012

"Objection!"  2011 TV sitcom...being scouted

Objection, Dwelle/Delgado/Director  Objection cast/director

..is a TV sitcom produced and directed by Hassan Hussein and written by George Lyons, Detroit, 2010.  The project is set in the law offices of the main characters (Dwelle -- African American male | Delgado -- Hispanic female).  Dwelle, the main character is reminiscent of a modern-day Flip Wilson.  He and Delgado, the more charitable minded of the two, are peers and best friends although Delgado often moderates Dwelle's synical, flamboyant and shall we say -- fiscally ambitious tendencies with a heavy dose of patience in convincing him to often take the "pro-bono" cases he zealously dissaproves of!  Although the pro-bone doesn't go over well with Dwelle he always seems to land in the right place.

Several networks have expressed interest.  The project is in the final phases of Post... stay tuned.