Mission Statement



Veridicus Entertainment, LLC


We began with a little idea -- to develop and release the #1 film on Barack Obama in 2009 and that's what we did!! Created by Maria Arita, Thomas Howard and Ken Eaken, the small independent film company of Veridicus Films, LLC was formed.  The company’s first project,  Barack Obama: The Man And His Journey” was an idea born out of the inspired pen of Maria Arita, a former CBS news anchor, reporter.  With no prior film making experience, no money and against all conventional wisdom they set out to do what everyone said they couldn’t.  Working off of Obama’s mantra that when Americans persevere “ordinary people can do extraordinary things,” the husband/wife team (along with their partner Ken Eaken) within FIVE months raised the needed capital, wrote, produced and ultimately sold a major documentary film into domestic and international distribution. The epic 88-min. film is featured in the U. S. Library of Congress as an historic archival piece; it became the #1 selling doc on Barack Obama worldwide, 2009.

  …      The rest is history

What We Do:  Veridicus Entertainment is an award-winning shop developed originally through the Veridicus Films project "Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey". As an outgrowth of that success, the husband and wife team of Thomas E. Howard and Maria Arita-Howard developed Veridicus Entertainment to create, brand and develop similar works, with several projects in development.  Veridicus streamlines budgets through partnerships with some of the best turn-key media, marketing and video production partners in the business in several Top-5 markets. With very little overhead and 40 years combined experience in both corporate marketing strategies, branding, project development and news/media, Veridicus can assist in: corporate market/branding, news/television programming, commercial market strategies and roll-outs, corporate training, news/media exposure, radio, television and product development as well as "talent development!"  Howard and Howard are also very telegenic, sought-after speakers and can formulate, implement and communicate a corporate or creative "commercial" message with ease.

OUR MISSION:  To broaden the reach of truth, inspire, educate, entertain and deliver "the message."